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What has sexuality got to do with parenting?

March 16th, 2014   

Guest post by Brett Allen, winner of inaugural 2020socialjustice student award 2013-14.
Children raised by gay and lesbian parents develop in much the same way as children raised by a mother and a father. So, why does the law discriminate? Same-sex parents and their children would be better placed if they did not have to deal with prejudice and stigma and could choose to marry, argues Brett Allen.
(NOTE: Essay on same topic by Talia Meltzer, award winner 2016-17, added subsequently.)

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March 8th, 2013   

International Women’s Day…a day for celebrating and validating women all over the world…and for wearing our red hats…Joan Beckwith.

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Merit-based success and the bumpy terrain

November 5th, 2012   

Merit-based success can seem like a right-minded concept, at least on face value. It only really makes sense, however, on a level playing field, and the terrain still looks pretty bumpy to me…Joan Beckwith.

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