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ISLAM IN A BIGGER PICTURE: A letter to Ayaan Hirsi Ali

October 4th, 2014   

Dear Ayaan Hirsi Ali, with all the recent hype – about terrorism and counter-terrorism – I’ve been distracted from writing to you about your books, “The Infidel” and “Nomad”. Of course, they’re relevant, given they’re about your views on Islam, although they’ve also been criticised for presenting a narrow view. I’ve had some thoughts about a bigger picture and wonder if they might be of interest…Joan Beckwith.

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Re-boot needed on government values

June 3rd, 2014   

This post provides a marker of a few days in the Australian media soon after the federal budget of 13 May 2014. It lists 10 values I think underpin government policy under Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. Please feel warmly invited to add your comments…Joan Beckwith.

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Human rights are more than individual rights

February 8th, 2014   

Australia’s new Human Rights Commissioner believes human rights are universal and can be undermined when “particular groups receive special treatment”. The problem, I argue, is that this belief assumes a level playing field…Joan Beckwith.

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One day in the story of social (in-)justice

November 11th, 2013   

One day recently, as I turned the pages of my morning newspaper, I found myself thinking: “I should do a Facebook post on that. And that. And that.” And so it went. Until I had a list so long it was way too long for a Facebook post. I wrote it anyway, and then decided to reproduce it on my blog as well. So, here is my list of ten items from one day in the news of social (in-)justice…Joan Beckwith.

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Voting for social justice

June 14th, 2013   

On 7 Sep, 2013, we go to the polls in Australia. I want to know candidates’ views on issues of social justice, and have drafted some questions I would like them to answer…Joan Beckwith.

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Telling, yelling, whatever it takes

November 1st, 2012   

This second post is a first attempt at locating discussion of social justice within a context of the operation of power within organisations and institutions (such as Churches)…Joan Beckwith.

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