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International High Flyers win Study Support Scholarships

October 26th, 2017   

The “International High Flyers”, we decided to call them (unofficially). They are the five winners of the 2020socialjustice Study Support Scholarships at RMIT University in Melbourne.
They came to Australia on permanent humanitarian visas from different corners of the world, and are an amazing group of young people. Whatever they are doing in ten to twenty years, I’m sure it will be impressive. Winning these Study Support Scholarships is a step along the way.

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TALKING ABOUT POWER with Penelope Fowler 2020socialjustice student award-winner 2015

March 11th, 2016   

We met – to talk about power – on a beautiful summer afternoon when many others would have been at the beach. We did not previously know each other, but Penny Fowler is the 2015 winner of the 2020socialjustice student award, and this post is a Q&A with her in four areas of Indigenous families, mental health, fathers in family work, and the challenge of balancing support and monitoring dimensions of social work roles. We would greatly value your comments and feedback.

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Freedom of speech? Not if it offends the boss!

May 3rd, 2015   

Freedom of speech is always a hot topic, particularly in relation to the media, and particularly on “World Press Freedom Day” (3 May) the theme of which for 2015 is “Let Journalism Thrive”. Given that, today seems a good time to talk about Scott McIntyre, who was sacked as a journalist for tweets reported to his boss by an MP. No ‘thriving’ for Scott, and not for journalism either, under such circumstances, would you think?..Joan Beckwith.

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NEW YEAR MESSAGE FOR TONY ABBOTT Social Justice Wishlist 2015

January 1st, 2015   

I GUESS YOU MUST KNOW BY NOW that your government is seriously on the nose – and not just with latte-lefties. As a way of helping turn things around, I asked people what was on their social justice wishlist for 2015. They came up with heaps of stuff you seem pretty clueless about, so I’ve cut it down to byte-size chunks. You can follow the link to see the ideas, and make comments. Everyone is welcome at 2020socialjustice BLUE-TIE-FREE ZONE…Joan Beckwith.

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Upbeat stories for downbeat times

May 10th, 2014   

While the Australian government spends like drunken sailors on fighter planes, mega-agencies for ‘border-protection’ and sweeteners for Big Business, it also preaches ‘heavy lifting’ for ‘the other 99%’. Such dispiriting politics call for counterexamples; please feel warmly invited to add your contributions to the four stories in this post…Joan Beckwith.

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Playing with words to play with lives

February 16th, 2014   

Words come with baggage; some more than others; “sinful” more than most; and “illegal” is fast catching up, at least in its application to asylum seekers in Australia. This, anyway, is where my thoughts wandered as I watched “Philomena” at the cinema recently … Joan Beckwith.

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Human rights are more than individual rights

February 8th, 2014   

Australia’s new Human Rights Commissioner believes human rights are universal and can be undermined when “particular groups receive special treatment”. The problem, I argue, is that this belief assumes a level playing field…Joan Beckwith.

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Social Justice Calendar

January 2nd, 2014   

The entries in this social justice calendar have come from several sources. Your comments, corrections, and suggested additions are most welcome and can be made at the end of the full post…Joan Beckwith.

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Social justice Christmas wish-list

December 22nd, 2013   

Dear whoever will listen, of whatever religion, could you please attend to the social justice Christmas wish list? With thanks in advance, Joan Beckwith.
Visitors to the site, please feel free to add items to the end of the list. You can do so at the bottom of the full post…Joan Beckwith.

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Building school community on social justice grounds

December 2nd, 2013   

Guest post by Dr Jenny Ricketts
Building school community, writes Dr Ricketts, is about building connections between staff, students, and families so that each member has a voice. She discusses her research in an economically disadvantaged, culturally diverse school, and the ideas that emerged about education as collaborative and transformative.

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