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Siding with the bully is easier

October 15th, 2015   

Blaming the victim and siding with the bully are default options, even though bullies are not popular either. Changing these patterns means working against the status quo, but wouldn’t everybody be better off?…Joan Beckwith.

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Bullied out of life

February 14th, 2014   

Guest post by Michael John Dennis
Bullying has diminished my life, and for a very long time I turned sharply inward. I was going to use a pseudonym in writing this guest post, but silencing and self-silencing are part of the problem, and so I decided to use my own name instead…Michael John Dennis.

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Caring Industry Demolishes Carer…Part 2

October 8th, 2013   

Tia’s story as a (former) Residential Care Worker continues to unravel in ways that are about her, but without her. She recently decided to contact Child Protection with her questions about allegations (if any) substantiated against her, questions her employer had refused to address. Child Protection suggested she write a letter to her employer! Back to square one…Joan Beckwith

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Caring Industry Demolishes Carer

September 20th, 2013   

Tia works (worked) in residential care. She was called to a meeting and asked to give an account of events some weeks previous. Two months later she was called to another meeting, handed a letter of termination (no reason stated), and informed that her permit to work with children may be revoked. She is desperate to clear her name, and I am dismayed by the injustice I witnessed…Joan Beckwith.

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Workplace bullying or worker abuse?

February 17th, 2013   

Bullying is a busy term, covering too much and not enough. In this post I suggest an alternative way of describing the harm that occurs in workplaces, particularly that involving abuse of hierarchical power…Joan Beckwith.

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