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When ‘depression’ fills the knowledge gap and trauma loses its voice

May 25th, 2018   

Have you ever had the experience of going to a doctor, feeling unwell, only to be told there seems to be nothing wrong, but “I think you might be depressed”? Were you satisfied with that response? Did you question it? What sort of answers did you get?
In this post, I reflect on the knowledge gap that can arise when symptoms are unexplained, and argue against filling it with convenient labels that can cause harm.

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Choosing euthanasia is about more than legality

February 16th, 2018   

Euthanasia is not a topic of everyday conversation. Understandably. There are many barriers. But, Nikki Gemmell’s account of her mother’s suicide left me feeling urgent about the need to break taboos. Secrecy appears a poor choice, but how do you navigate such shadowed territory with loved ones who would be left behind?

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Caring (for the bottom line) in residential aged care

October 20th, 2017   

It makes bloodcurdling reading, the series of articles by Fairfax Media on residential aged care in Australia.
And, it’s not just about ‘a few bad apples’.
Residential aged care is big business, profits take precedence over care, the accreditation system eclipses neglect and abuses, the complaints process is ineffectual, and the market myth camouflages the cracks.
This post expands these points, drawing on the articles.

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No harder than when she came out as vegetarian!

September 23rd, 2016   

“How was it for you when your daughter came out as lesbian?” my friend asked. I was a little taken aback by the question (my daughter having been out for years) but did my best to recall some memories. Really, I summed up in the end, it was less of an adjustment for me than when she became vegetarian.

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Social justice – under the neoliberal table

January 8th, 2016   

I used to believe it was possible to work for social justice by working against discrimination, and that economic justice would follow as a corollary of social equity. This now seems naive. The influence of neoliberal ideology on Australian politics has turned the fight for economic justice into a priority and prerequisite. In this post I talk about my own awakening and the need for interdisciplinary thinking…Joan Beckwith.

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Living with Disabilities…Struggling with Exclusion

June 25th, 2015   

Guest post by Cheryl McDonnell, who writes: “I have been living with disabilities for 27 years – my own and those of my daughter. We were in an accident when my daughter was 6 months old. Our first encounter with exclusion was the day we left hospital; a doctor suggested my daughter should go to a home. I followed his advice and took her to my home.”

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“WHILE I ENJOY NORMAL TUESDAYS” Immigration detention through the eyes of a 13-year-old

May 15th, 2015   

Thirteen-year-old Imogen Senior was not bogged down by entrenched views when she wrote about Australia’s offshore detention centres. Her uncluttered eyes saw children younger than herself in awful circumstances who want to kill themselves – while she “enjoys normal Tuesdays”. This kind of clarity has been hijacked in the adult population, as reflected in responses to Imogen’s letter…Joan Beckwith.

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Going for a walk…but not through the park

April 24th, 2015   

A woman is killed in a park – women are advised to stay out of parks. A woman is killed on the street – women are told to stay home. Women are killed at home – they should have left, the pundits say. Women are assaulted in immigration detention – they must have been “too provocative” it seems. This post suggests four ways to reshape the dominant narrative about violence against women…Joan Beckwith.

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Constitutional Recognition – “Yes”? or “NOOOOO!!”

January 23rd, 2015   

26 January – Australia Day for some, Survival Day/Invasion Day for others – and a good time to think about the proposed referendum on constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people. How do you vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on such an issue? Is there any way of reconciling conflicting positions – inside and outside the white establishment? How can we bridge the gap between the Recognise Campaign and the Freedom Summit – in conversations that honor 60,000 years of history?…Joan Beckwith.
(See update on this post arising from May 2017 “Statement from the Heart” by Indigenous leaders.)

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Internal conflicts of a feminist, family member and person; has-been academic, psychologist and counsellor; reinvented as blogger for social justice

November 1st, 2014   

With a title like that, who needs an excerpt?
Don’t forget to add your comments at the end of the post…Joan Beckwith.

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