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In praise of early childhood educators

January 17th, 2019   

Early childhood educators do amazing work for meagre money and sparse recognition.
I greatly appreciate the contrast between my granddaughters’ early learning and my own (lack of) education in ‘White Australia’, where women were interned at home and children had no voice.
I want educators to know their work with children is awesome, and something to be proud of for the rest of their lives.

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In defence of universities…under fire from left and right

March 24th, 2018   

Universities are under fire from both sides of politics. The right complain they fail to meet the needs of employers. The left argue they legitimise the ‘meritocracy’ and hence fuel inequality. Both arguments can be co-opted by governments intent on cutting funds. In this post, I respond in defence of universities.

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International High Flyers win Study Support Scholarships

October 26th, 2017   

The “International High Flyers”, we decided to call them (unofficially). They are the five winners of the 2020socialjustice Study Support Scholarships at RMIT University in Melbourne.
They came to Australia on permanent humanitarian visas from different corners of the world, and are an amazing group of young people. Whatever they are doing in ten to twenty years, I’m sure it will be impressive. Winning these Study Support Scholarships is a step along the way.

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Social justice student award fails university obstacle course

April 9th, 2017   

It seemed like a good idea at the time. A perpetual student award, for an essay related to social justice. The academic aspects were straightforward to organise, but the administrative aspects were not. Lack of overall coordination across these two arms of the university created a barrier to sustainability. The endowment has now been transferred into one-off Study Support Scholarships.

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Why can’t we learn some Finnish lessons? The Minister explains

May 7th, 2016   

Why can’t Australian education be as good as the Finnish system, a teacher of 40 years recently asked, answering his own question by highlighting the politics of education, and particularly of standardised testing. I put his question to the Minister for Education, and this post records the response. It didn’t satisfy me, but would be interested in other views.

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The writing on the wall for public education

April 5th, 2016   

The neoliberal behemoth hovers over education. Saving our public system is not so much about changing our Prime Minister as about unravelling the mindset that has taken occupation within, across, and beyond party lines…A job for the people…Joan Beckwith.

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What has a graduation got to do with social justice?

December 20th, 2013   

The connection between a university graduation and social justice may not be immediately obvious, and I did not expect to be posting about my son’s ceremony, but a few things made the occasion somewhat relevant (at least for me, who connects pretty much everything to social justice)…Joan Beckwith.

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Building school community on social justice grounds

December 2nd, 2013   

Guest post by Dr Jenny Ricketts
Building school community, writes Dr Ricketts, is about building connections between staff, students, and families so that each member has a voice. She discusses her research in an economically disadvantaged, culturally diverse school, and the ideas that emerged about education as collaborative and transformative.

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Six reasons for a social justice award

September 4th, 2013   

There is probably no need to justify a social justice student award, but in this post I talk about some of my reasons for establishing one. I want the award to say that social justice work is valued, and valuable, and will continue to be so into the future. Eligible students are completing the third year of a (five-year) combined degree (at RMIT University) in psychology and social work…Joan Beckwith.

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