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Living with Disabilities…Struggling with Exclusion

June 25th, 2015   

Guest post by Cheryl McDonnell, who writes: “I have been living with disabilities for 27 years – my own and those of my daughter. We were in an accident when my daughter was 6 months old. Our first encounter with exclusion was the day we left hospital; a doctor suggested my daughter should go to a home. I followed his advice and took her to my home.”

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Learning about disability – from my cousin and my course

March 12th, 2015   

Guest post by Miranda Tooth (student award 2014-15)
My cousin has an intellectual disability. This is not how I think of her though. Instead, it’s her bubbly, enthusiastic and loving nature that first comes to my mind. Some of the things I have learnt from her, and also (more recently) from my combined degree course in psychology and social work are about the importance of social inclusion, the need to challenge assumptions, and that identity is more than (dis-)ability. These are the issues I discuss in my essay….Miranda Tooth.

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Lifting our sights on World Refugee Day

June 20th, 2013   

This post is an abridged and edited version of “Detention to sanctuary via Kew Cottages” previously posted on 31st March this year (2013). I wanted to mark World Refugee Day (20th June) and this material represented my best expression of hope for a more humane future…Joan Beckwith.

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Detention to sanctuary via Kew Cottages

March 31st, 2013   

I believe we should be providing sanctuary and inclusion for people seeking asylum in Australia, not detention and exclusion, and although these ideas may seem increasingly naive in the current climate, there are compelling precedents from other movements, places, and times…Joan Beckwith.

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