HALF-BIRTHDAY 2020socialjustice

May 1st, 2013  |  Published in Social justice


It is now six months since I (metaphorically) pushed the start-button on 2020socialjustice (renamed in 2021 as Social justice is for everyone). It has been an interesting time, combining the liberation of writing what I think about issues I care about, and the somewhat baffling journey of website and facebook management. I’m not of the demographic that seems to come hardwired with technological competence, and the truism about writing being the easy part has indeed been true.

What is 2020socialjustice about?

Six months down the track, I am rather clearer about the concept, and here is what I would now say:

  • 2020socialjustice is about ideas – as distinct from campaigns, petitions or other direct action.
  • It covers multiple issues – on the grounds that all social justice issues are interconnected.
  • It is secular and humanistic – rather than connected to religion or church.
  • It is political – but not party-political
  • It locates social justice in a context of power relations.
  • It is about speaking out for the rights of marginalised groups and identifying abuses of power.
  • It is intended to be interactive, and involvement is central to extending, diversifying, and enriching the conversation.

What has happened so far?

Between this website and the facebook page, there have been around forty posts that address issues, and themes have included:

  • Gender and affirmative action
  • Racism, indigenous peoples, asylum seekers
  • Privilege and poverty
  • Sexuality and marriage equality
  • Child abuse and the royal commission
  • Disability awareness, mental health, suicide
  • Human rights, discrimination, Othering
  • Workplace bullying and abuse of power (which is where it all started with Swimming with Sharks).

I have even had a couple of goes at drugs and gambling in sport, mainly because problems tend to get reduced to individuals rather than being put into the broader context of big business. The vested interests at this level seem to pass under the radar.

What I would like to happen

Building interactive involvement in 2020socialjustice is a work-in-progress and a high priority for the next half-year. Any and all suggestions for getting more people more involved are most welcome, and can be submitted through this website (click), or below as a comment on this post, through the facebook page (click), or by email at joan1beckwith@gmail.com.


Best Themis blessings to all…Joan Beckwith

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2 comments on “HALF-BIRTHDAY 2020socialjustice”

  1. joanbeckwith says:

    Many thanks, Rui, for your loyal support and participation. Your contribution always welcome, and your comments on previous post about people seeking asylum were most thought-provoking.

  2. Rui Santos says:

    Happy Half Birthday 2020!

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