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HALF-BIRTHDAY 2020socialjustice

May 1st, 2013   

It is now six months since I (metaphorically) pushed the start-button on 2020socialjustice. This post reviews the journey, the idea, and the issues covered, inviting suggestions for getting more people more involved in creating conversations…Joan Beckwith.

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Abortion, marriage, guns, and inconsistency

January 15th, 2013   

My positions on abortion, marriage equality, and gun ownership are inconsistent, but also unequivocal. The pro-choice-anti-choice tension can be uncomfortable, but for me it is also intractable…Joan Beckwith.

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Christmas letters to Themis

January 5th, 2013   

Twelve letters, one for each day of Christmas, draw attention to world peace; universal needs for food, shelter, and belonging; survival of the planet; eliminating discrimination, worker abuse, and child abuse; contextualising mental health, and opening up discussion of suicide…Joan Beckwith.

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Bullying, asylum seekers, child abuse, anti-discrimination laws…and more

November 25th, 2012   

Workplace bullying, asylum seekers, the royal commission on child sexual abuse, Obama’s reelection, and anti-discrimination legislation are among the topics canvassed in this collation of brief posts that first appeared on the 2020socialjustice Facebook page…Joan Beckwith.

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Social justice as work-in-progress

November 1st, 2012   

Social justice is work in progress towards social equity. A bit like hope, beauty and friendship, it may be most recognisable in its absence. What can I do, I ask myself? I can write about the things I care about and maybe even start conversations. I hope so…Joan Beckwith.

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