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Social justice with or without social media

July 16th, 2013   

Why would anyone connect social media, Nelson Mandela, power, wealth, corruption and poverty in Liberia? Not obvious perhaps, but they were all parts of a recent conversation that left me wanting to pull the threads together…Joan Beckwith.

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HALF-BIRTHDAY 2020socialjustice

May 1st, 2013   

It is now six months since I (metaphorically) pushed the start-button on 2020socialjustice. This post reviews the journey, the idea, and the issues covered, inviting suggestions for getting more people more involved in creating conversations…Joan Beckwith.

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Abortion, marriage, guns, and inconsistency

January 15th, 2013   

My positions on abortion, marriage equality, and gun ownership are inconsistent, but also unequivocal. The pro-choice-anti-choice tension can be uncomfortable, but for me it is also intractable…Joan Beckwith.

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Christmas letters to Themis

January 5th, 2013   

Twelve letters, one for each day of Christmas, draw attention to world peace; universal needs for food, shelter, and belonging; survival of the planet; eliminating discrimination, worker abuse, and child abuse; contextualising mental health, and opening up discussion of suicide…Joan Beckwith.

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Bullying, asylum seekers, child abuse, anti-discrimination laws…and more

November 25th, 2012   

Workplace bullying, asylum seekers, the royal commission on child sexual abuse, Obama’s reelection, and anti-discrimination legislation are among the topics canvassed in this collation of brief posts that first appeared on the 2020socialjustice Facebook page…Joan Beckwith.

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Social justice as work-in-progress

November 1st, 2012   

Social justice is work in progress towards social equity. A bit like hope, beauty and friendship, it may be most recognisable in its absence. What can I do, I ask myself? I can write about the things I care about and maybe even start conversations. I hope so…Joan Beckwith.

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